Satellite-Land Sensor Analysis and Alarm System for Wildfire Detection and Prevention

Artificial Intelligence to Protect Us
The traditional systems of firefighting intervene on a wildfire only when it’s too late; human mistakes or time limits can either make it difficult to optimize an action and be effective in the care for the environmentat the same time.
Wildfire Detection

SKYSHIELD detects a wildfire with ground and satellite data

Alarm Generation

An alarm is sent generated wwith 90% wwildfire probability

Drone Deployment

A group of 30 MANTA drones is autonomously deployed for firefighting

Damage Recovery

SKYSHIELD optmizes actions to contain damages and recover natural and sensible areas

Satellite data and ground sensors will collect data of specifical areas such as air dryness, temperature, wind speed and directions, local atmosphere gas composition and other sensible data.

Our system of land-satellite AI-driven data analysis will detect wildfires when smaller than 70sq.mts. This area is big enough to potentially make the wildfire dangerous and unmanageable, but still small enough to be still controlled and shut down. The main problem nowadays is that this area is mostly not considered as a priority to intervene on if it is located in remote areas: this fact has always led to terrible disasters and uncontrollable wildfire events, that's why it is important to act before the area grows. The system has an accuracy of prediction of around 90%.

Once detected, SKYSHIELD will alert local authorities and the closest flock of 20 to 30 of our MANTA drones with their 250kgs of payload. The flock of drones will depart from their base and collect water from the closest natural resource (such as lakes, sea or rivers) or fire extinguisher/retardant from the closest base.

The drones will discharge the payload on the fire and repeat the cycle until the wildfire is stopped.

We designed such system to be deployable also from air being the drones airdroppable: this leads the way to emergency fast intervention and international help collaboration in case of need.

This integrated action of sensor analysis and actuation and the group work and coordination of the drones is also the key to act in countless emergency situation such as also natural disasters and tragic accidents. The system and the group of drones can locate people needing help, deliver emergency kits and supply, displace critical equipment and coastal rescue (also suitable for off-shore platforms) in conditions not accessible with standard methods. If an accident or natural disaster cannot be prevented, the drones can help with material displacement to clear roads, remove debris and plant seeds in destroyed areas. This data driven system can integrate and coordinate also OX tractor's heavy duty capabilities and autonomy.

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