Autonomous Modular Tractor

Drone mobile landing platform, agricultural and logistics solution

OX is a controlled-autonomy modular tractor/truck that will be initially deployed as “drone mobile landing platform” and “2D drone tracker and header” for the tests of the heavy drones MANTA.
We plan to use the experience and the data collected by the vehicle to extend the application of OX as an indipendent product.
The main applications will be as autonomous agriculture tractor, logistics truck, airport and port logistic truck, rescue vehicle and in construction sites.

Main features

- Autonomy of mission fullfilment;
- Learning optimization to increase efficiency;
- Maximum payload capacity: 10 tons, 12 hauling;
- Modularity;
- Hybrid technology;
- Compatibility with standard agriculture machines and standard logistic containers;
- Material displacement and sample collection;
- Market volume (2019): $145 billion (agriculture) + $40 billion (estimate, heavy industry);
- Distributed through a smart-contract - based pay-per-service model.
- Estimated date of full scale prototype tests: 2023

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