Heavy Autonomous Drone

MANTA  Series

250kg of payload and AI control to enable groundbreaking solutions

Here's what the world needs.

Our drones are designed to fullfil multiple tasks and provide an unique concept of teamwork and efficiency.
250kg of payload

The operational payload is high enough to allow operations now conducted only by planes, reducing costs and increasing productivity driven by AI.

Flock work of 20 elements

A flock mode can enable the joint work of multiple MANTA drones. This cability makes possible quick scalability of the operations and emergency situations.


If used for emergency and urgent situations, they can be dropped at 1,500 mts of altitude from cargo C130 planes.

Multi - Data collecting and elaboration system

An enhanced own system will collect data from 10 types of external sensors and process them through deep learning algorithms giving elaborated outputs to the user.

Eco-compatible Electric and Hybrid powertrains

The newest technology is adopted to allow a responsible and efficient use of the energy. A more flexible hybrid option is available too for selected markets.

Fully Autonomous

Neither pilots will be needed to drive the drones, nor an external command will change the scheduled path(apart from a "back-home" signal). Safety and efficiency are what we care most.

The autonomy and the safety we provide will change the world
The totally autonomous system will provide security and reliability for all sensible tasks

Join our incredible journey creating a brighter future.

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Stingray-shape inspired , this drone strenghts are scalability and multi tasking.
Designed to replace airtractors and introduce new ways of cultivating and firefighting .


This drone has been calculated to beable to reduce up to 25% the costs of extensive cultivations and increase upto 30% the efficiency of the processes and up to 10% the production.

Recommended for plantation and extensive cultivation for more than 15 hectaries big; it has been studied the efectiveness on banana, cafe, cocoa, mais, sugar, wheat, crop plantations and is being sudied the application on grapes and other fruits. The features are multiple:

-  Operational payload of 250kg (550lbs)
-  Total autonomy, avoiding human mistake and improper use
-  «Flock» mode for teamwork set up
-  Restless work
-  Self stock up
-  Up to 50km flight distance ( software limit, removable under certain regulatory circumstances)
-  Both vertical and lateral material dispersion/diffusion

Overall Advantages of the Drone

• No material dispersion
• Speed
• Safety
• No time limitations
• Airdroppable
• No space needed for take off
• Less maintenance cost
• Less purchase cost (comparing to Air Tractors and Canadairs)


The drone is designed to be able to intervene autonomously in dangerous situations and circumstances to look for and locate people in danger , to deliver emergency kits and food and to fight wildfires enhanced to SKYSHIELD System.

Groups of 20 to 30 MANTA drones will be deployed together to fight wildfires and bushfires, restessly self-stocking-up of water from the closest water resource or of fire retardant from the closest fire department base/airport and restessly discharging the payload on the fire until the fire is completely suppressed. Visit the SKYSHIELD page to learn more.

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