Heavy Autonomous Drone

250kg of payload and AI to enable groundbreaking solutions

MANTA Heavy Autonomous Drone is a drone capable of lifting up to 250kg of payload, 420kg (925 lbs) of maximum take-off weight and has been designed to work in complete autonomy alone or together with other 30 drones. It is powered by a hydrogen turbine (up to 1.5 hours of flight) and is able to reach up to 50km of distance from base.

Main features

- Maximum payload: up to 250kgs (550 lbs);
- Full autonomy: relying on AI, GNSS and a peculiar radio system;
- Hybrid technology: hydrogen turbine powered generator to directly feed the electric motors;
- Team work capability: up 30/40 drones working together through the decentralized control system;
- Self stock-up of both hydrogen and water/material to be lifted/dispersed;
- Autogenous dispersion system;
- Range of action of 50km (software limited);
- Material dispersion both vertically and laterally (side-dressing, for vineyards, through the use of designed appendices);
- Airdroppable;
- In-flight adaptability and optimization of the tasks to the circumstantial events and conditions.
- Estimated date of full scale prototype tests: 2023
- The drones will not be sold to the client.
For both safety and efficiency reasons, the company will own the items and supervise their operations. On the side of the customer, this will cut costs and bureucracy, approaching a bigger numer of operators that otherise couldn’t even access to the services. This will happen through a smart-contract - based pay-per-service system.

Problems We Want to Solve

Stop Wildfires

Optimize Agriculture


- Added value: 5x less costy than Canadairs (purchase, maintenance), intervention from 100 sqm areas to 15he, airdroppable/ship-based launched into emergency areas, working in GPS/vision blind conditions, autonomous intervention, SkYSHIELD integration;
- Market volume (2019): 900MN $ ;
- TRL: 4 .

Food production

- Added value: waste reduction, 7x less costy than comparables (purchase, maintenance), no-fixed costs during non-operational times (through pay-per-service smart-contract-based leasing system), merging of extensive and precision agriculture advantages;
- Market volume (2019): 17BN $ ;
- TRL: 4 ;
- Tasks: top-dressing, drop-dusting, watering, seeding, side-dispersion, monitoring;
- Up to 25% of cost cut, up to 30% of efficiency raise, up to 10% of production growth.

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