Smart-Contracts for a Pay-per-Service model of action

A smart-contract is an arrangement between two entities in the form of a computer code. These codes are then run on the blockchain, as a result they are stored on public databases and cannot be altered. In a smart-contract the transactions take place when the conditions in the agreement are met without the involvement of a third part. This solves issues like trust, speed and safety.

We designed specific smart-leasing systems that would act as start-of-leasing smart-contract and then as smart-contracts per service requested to the product (MANTA or OX); the resulting model would be a smart-leasing system based on a pay-per-service structure of action.
The smart-contracts and the smart-leasing will be assured by the staking of a quantity of tokens that would be required to the customer before starting the contracts. In this way the customers will be stakeholders in some way owning and having benefits from the product they don’t formally own.
The pay-per-service leasing pricing will be determined by the drone itself, before taking off, depending on the conditions of operation.
The drones will be activated by the smart-contract themselves requiring nearly zero bureucracy. This system enables to share the drones and optimize the technology deployment.
To learn more, have a look on our whitepaper.

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