Autonomous Modular Tractor

OX Series

Reinventing mid-heavy size trucks and tractors with an unique autonomous modular platform

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a vehicle for the future

An unique platform to redefine efficiency

The OX series vehicle is the evolution of heavy duty tasks: agriculture and logistics will never be the same.

Modular system
The vehicle can host agriculture modules, logistics modules ( also S /M shipping containers ), building site's material movement, rescue and firefighting equipment and sensing modules.
Driverless closed system
Safe and reliable autonomous driving system (first available only for agriculture tasks and then for on-road logistics duty).
7 tons payload capacity
Suitable for any application requiring heavy weights to be carried, from logistics to rescue, from agriculture to firefighting.
14 tons towing capacity
Ideal for hauling classical agricultural modules and logitics trailers.
Multiple fields of application
- Agriculture;
- Logistics;
- Emergency interventions;
- Building site material movemement;
- Sensor-carring units;
- Firefighting units.
Presentation in 2021

What OX series aims to do

Erasing mistakes and inaccuracy can lead to multiple benefits
The estimate

Reducing 15% of agriculture costs

Your requirements

A modular solution for modern times


Autonomous driving system to optimize tasks

Product launch!

The launch is expected for 2022


OX has been designed to be an all-in-one solution for agriculture duties, being capable of adaptating to diverse agriculture modules as per necessity.
On the vehicle, has been implemented an autonomous driving system immediately ready for agriculture tasks such as sowing, harvesting, fertilizing, probing and material displacement. On fields bigger than 15 hectaries, it has been calculated that the autonomous vehicle OX could save up to 20% of time and reducing up to 35% of wastes related to trajectory errors, tasks' accomplishments innacuracies, eventual negligences and delays. OX's goal is to increase production of agricultural lands by cost reduction and process efficiency improvement. The reduction of cost is lead by the conscious use of all the resources (including machine and human time).
The modularity strenght of OX leads to a multitasking application for agriculture practices; the adaptable modules will be both existing ones (nowadays already used by normal tractors) and we plan to build efficient specialized auto-deployable (self-mountable on the top of the vehicle by the tractor itself) modules in the near future.
For agriculture tasks, OX will be completely autonomous from day 1 and is much suggested for plantations and agricultural areas bigger than 12 hectares. Movements precision and speed will be a normality while you can focus on your business growth.

Logistics and Construction

OX as a truck

The nature of a modular design is to serve a plurality of scopes; we decided not to set the limit of this multitasking ability. This is why we thought OX also as an on-road autonomous vehicle. The first application is the logistics one.
In fact, the top of OX can host small and medium shipping containers (10ft and 20ft ) directly, carry an optimal payload of 7tons or a maximum of 10tons. This is perfect for heavy weight - short range goods movement.
OX can also be deployed for super-heavy weight for long range displacements, being it designed to potentially replace trailers trucks and being able to haul an optimal payload of 14tons and a maximum of 16tons.
Further than logistics and goods displacement, the vehicle can also be used for raw material displacement in contruction sites: a safe and efficient option to traditional and mistake-prone actual vehicles.


As far as the necessities require it, the applications of OX can be countless. That's why the vehicle can be prepared for emergency interventions such as wildfires, earthquakes, volcano eruptions and risky road interruptions. OX can reach remote and difficult-to-access areas completely unmanned or remotely manned and complete tasks such as firefighting, emergency and medical support, emergency supplies transport and road clearing without involving and putting at risk personnel.

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