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We design autonomous efficient systems to improve the most sensible aspects of our subsistence:
Agriculture and Natural Emergency Response

Problems We Want to Solve

Wastes in Agriculture


Our Missions

To automate completely agriculture, making it more efficient and productive by removing human mistake and inaccuracy and making food more accessible by reducing production costs . This goal can be reached through our Autonomous Heavy Drones MANTA and our Autonomous Modular Tractors OX

To provide an efficient system to prevent and fight wildfires with a restless flock of working drones MANTA and the satellite land SKYSHIELD analysis and alarm system


Autonomous Heavy Drone (250kg payload)

MANTA is an autonomous heavy drone capable of carrying a payload of 250kgs and of working in complete autonomy. It is designed to carry out agricultural and firefighting tasks; its flight system allows a coordinate teamwork autonomous action of up to 30 drones. Efficiency, flying.
Learn more visiting the MANTA Heavy Autonomous Drone page.


Autonomous Modular Tractor

OX is an autonomous modular tractor capable of carrying a payload of 7 tons, hauling a trailer of 14 tons and be deployable for both Agriculture and Logistics tasks in complete autonomy. It is designed to speed up agricultural tasks and reduce wastes in time and materials and be a groundbreaking efficient solution for goods and material displacement for logistics tasks on road. Heavy duty on wheels, reinvented.
Learn more visiting the OX Autonomous Modular Tractor page.

UN goals we can address through our technology

Tommorrow is here

Design the Future with Us


To innovatively improve productivity and efficiency on and off road while containing costs and wastes


To optimize the most sensible aspects of our subsistence by providing a way to fight wildfires and increasing production with aerial agriculture and wastes reduction.


To can actively prevent and stop disasters through AI, satellite and ground sensors data.


Milan, Italy
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