Our strength is how we conceive autonomy:
Decentralized Control and Distributed AI


Heavy Autonomous Drone
250kgs of payload, next level flight


Drone Mobile Landing Platform
Autonomous Modular Tractor/Truck


AI – satellite and land data analysis
Wildfires Detection and Agriculture Optimization


Our strength is how we conceive Autonomy:
Decentralized Control and Distributed AI

Our concept

AI-driven multi-layer Decentralized Control System will guarantee safe and scalable autonomous control to groups of Drones, Nanosatellites' Constellations and items connected in a Smart-City.
This system could be intended as an undefined master-slave logic with multiple thematic common registers with relative prioritizations.
The mission is to deliver value to the world in the fields that are most sensible for our subsistence: food production and emergency response. To do so, we designed an Heavy Autonomous Drone (250kgs of payload) to fight wildfires and for aerial agriculture, based on the decentralized control system being cited first.
We aim to provide a more scalable and affordable solution to these issues, by providing a way to stop wildfires before it’s too late, by merging extensive and precision agriculture advantages, by leveling up logistics and by making possible the deployment of drones through blockchain smart-contracts, a staking collateral principle and a pay-per-service structure of action business model.
The aerial drones MANTA, the land drones OX and the SKYSHIELD sensoring architecture will be the beginning of a new ecosystem of services and products that will aesthetically and functionally evolve our approach to existentialism, irrationalism and idealism.