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Decentralized, Safe, Bold.


In an Ordinary World,


Enable Autonomy of fleets of machines, make them Safe and Resilient. Discover how the Consensus of Autonomy can change robotics, space and smart-cities.

Blockchain meets Control 

Our softwares are disrupting Autonomous operations by creating trustless and distributed environment of collaboration:

  • Swarms of drones

  • Constellations of satellites

  • Autonomous vehicles

  • IoT for Smart-Cities (trustless data exchange of machines and safety for aerial operations)

Blockchain meets AI

Our technology enables Federated and Ensemble Learning applications while keeping the environment trustless and secure 



We are going further.

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Be part of the Future. Learn how we can improve aerial, logistics and space operations 

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Consensus of Autonomy

Layer for Shared decisional process & Network State-Independent Consensus 

Network & Multi-register

Network State-Independent Consensus and parallelized data blocks 

Machines as Nodes 

Drones, cars and satellites as validators and nodes of a complex distributed system, enabling collaborative participation and, as a consequence, creating redundancy of the group over problem solving, while downsizing the computational power per machine to overcome a calculation.


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